Me & Firefox : Extension love story !

ok, here is our story :)
I was in an on-again-off-again relationship with IDM, till i decided that we weren't meant for each other. I never pay for my software unless it's a genuine Windows copy, and we Egyptians (for our poor internet laws' sake) tend to hack and crack our software and update as much as we like (who said we don't have geeks ??).

but due to live conscience and IDM's consistent (registered with a fake serial number) message because i intentionally got misguided by the instructions; i decided to dump IDM with a broken binary heart.
today, after i got over the IDM drama, i found a useful looking Extension, and to my surprise,it belonged to Firefox Browser !! Firefox has been there for me, in slow connections and super fast Wi Fi, how could i never have seen him ?? we fell in love faster than a multi-server download !!
Firefox's download extension here had a very very handy feature, he actually made me feel like a decent surfer again :) i didn't have to hack or crack, cause you only donate (leave that to the rich-dollar-bill-brats). I love Firefox, but i can share ;) no girlfriend jealousy here :P

you can go to and find Firefox's extension search, here are some really good download extensions i found :
  • DownloadHelper :  this baby here works like a class A IDM in downloading pix and vidz.
  • DownThemAll : is actually a mass download extension, works lovely!!
  • FlashGot : is much better than the (Download This) tab that DM's have, they are really annoying; you can download flv videos and many others from sites like
i hope u found this useful ! it's not for advertising, just my opinion :)

any suggestions ? you can add them in comments :)