I Just Realized...

I've been thinking a lot these days about buying (or downloading) a new book, but then stopped myself .. "what will i read next?" (and also because a friend of mine offered me a hilarious book to read) .. i always picked out my books (online) by titles and writers, never did i read descriptions or spoilers, and when i looked at my collection when the reading frenzy subsided, i found out that i only read fiction and myth (with a hint of romance).. i got out the bad ones and put them in an archive (never to be clicked!) but the good ones, i just wanna share with you.

the first book i read was "Twilight" by "Stephenie Mayer" and it was after the film had come and gone from Egyptian cinema. i loved it! on summer 2009 i downloaded the whole series and read it within one month (over and over again) but it wasn't all that good after Bella choose Edward, just get real! she should have chosen to live whats meant for a human to live, excitement, bunch of noisy kids and a "warm" husband, don't forget the peaceful sleep and also death! schools and semesters started and the heat of summer got chased off by merciful Autumn winds. one cool windy night, i was with my mother at a reading festival (they sold used books!) when i saw a nice glossy book with attractive red lips, white fangs and a pink tongue licking the blood dripping from the gorgeous mouth. my first thought was "cool shade of red.."? no, lol, my first thought was "OMG!! vampire book!! i hope they don't sparkle this time.." (sorry guys, Team Jacob!). i got the book and started reading it as soon as i got into the car, i remember that we went to the family house but it was a blur, the book caught my attention. few weeks later and a good bunch on downloads and i was officially in love again, with "Charlene Harris's" "Sookie Stackhouse Series" (maybe it was Erick who got my heart *wink wink* and I am also Team Erick Northman!!) i loved how the triangle got untangled, how Sookie was keeping her dignity while falling from Bill to Alcide to that boldy hunk and last but not least Erick <3

also how the vampires were generated in that fiction (public and all!!)
i celebrated New Year 2010 in the embrace of "Mortal Instruments" and i adored the whole series which is crafted with magnificence by "Cassandra Clare" .. i lived in a world of Shadowhunters, Warlocks, Vampires and Werewolves with the drama of my favored forbidden love !! i am still charmed by the book series even though i fell in love with a few more.

by February 2010, i had a road trip that ripped me from the adorable "Vampire Diaries" (which i am now tuning in with the show based on it second by second). "L. J. Smith" did wonders with her Diary in the (i can't deny!) Delena !! (sorry LJ but i love Damon more than the book itself) so if you love heartbreaking tragedies and breathtaking stolen moments you gotta have the Diaries.

3rd term exams passed (good riddance) and the fourth term got intense with the mysteries of "Morganville's Vampires" by "Rachel Caine" as the foursome Micheal, Eve, Clair and Shane endured Emily and Oliver's fight over ruling the terrified citizens of Morganville and the Loopy Loopy Crazy Mernin's attempts to hold the secrets of that tiny Texan university town.

after i dumped my worthless man, nothing comforted my irritated feelings more than the "House Of Night", as if "The Casts" knew how to describe my bully in Erik, true understanding in Heath, undying friendship in Stevie Ray, Damien, Shaunee, Erin and Jack. also never forget the bad boy gone good Stark, i joined Zoey on her journey in fighting Neferet and Klaus. i liked what i read a lot!

and as a distraction from the 4th term exams i had "Vampire Academy" by "Richelle Mead" (no pun intended, Richelle) with the-to-die-for-couple Roza and Dimka and their friends Lissa and Christian in the fight of Strigoi and in the service of the Moroi, things got hot and heavy with the action of the struggle and the passion of love.

what i am reading now is a series by "Melissa De La Cruz", not very popular yet very captivating. Schuyler Van Alan, Jack and Mimi Force, Oliver Hazard-Perry and Bliss Llewellyn have interesting lives with a pinch of spice for readers to discover as Lucifer bonds with the Red Bloods for a sinister purpose in "Blue Bloods".

I just gave a small introduction on those books and wanted to share them with you to experience the love, friendship, laughter, tears, heartbreaks and heartaches within the myth that's become a trend among modern writers of urban fantasy and old school fiction.

i hope you enjoyed this article, for it is my first.