Once Upon A Time

time :
Once upon a time

place :
Once upon a public chat site

conversation :
"her : hey, I'm new here, what's up?
me:hey there, I'm kinda new too, where u from?
her : Israel
me : :|
her : what?
me : (ignoring)
her : What's Ur name?
me : The One That Doesn't Want To Talk To You
her : where u from, The One That Doesn't Want To Talk To You? lol
me : Egypt
her : I like Ur country
me : I don't like Urs
her : why?
me : ask Ur father or maybe Ur president!
her : oh .. this is just stupid political arguments
me : (ignoring her again)
her : lets be grown ups about this
me : (is she kidding!!!)
her : I wanna be frndz w/u .. put our political issues aside
me : WTF !!!!! who r u kidding ????? there are no political issues .. it's humanity issues .. belongs to Human .. if U understand what I'm saying; it has nothing to deal w/u or Ur ppl !
her : ???? (obviously getting an answer for that)
me : DUH !!!
her : look, we don't have to be like this
me : Stupid b***h !
her : (typing .. probably a smarta*s comeback)
me : (ignoring her, for the third time,
and getting the HELL OUTTA THERE)"

purpose of this little published conversation :
I hate dumb people.

Sign :
J.B . :)