A Girl Of 18

I wept in front of Parents,,,they saw their child
I wept in front of Siblings,,,they saw me with pity
I wept in front of friends,,,they felt sorry
I wept in front of lovers,,,they saw weakness
I wept in front of foes,,,they felt victory
I wept & wept & wept,,,but no one saw what i had to show
Crying... tear drying after drying tears
Creating... shielding seal after sealing shields
Covering what i had to show to who never saw it
When i grew up,,,i grew harder
I wept in front of my mirrored self,,,I saw Me
A fragile child, a woman to be, a girl undone
A soul wrapped in ice cold & steel solid protection
A laughter long gone, a smile that was once genuine
All washed away by weeping, crying & hiding what i want to show
All sealed away by every tear that falls, every drop that dries makes a new layer
I am trapped under all of this unnecessary so-called-shields
Can you see me under there ? Can you free me, then ?