Dark Night? Bright Day After...

She slammed down the news paper on her desk; it was Alexandria’s local news paper, a small tabloid and entertainment paper. The main headline said:” 13 year-old Yasmein found dead in bathroom” and within the article, Yasmein had lots of scars which was later found out that she did to herself, there was numerous tales about 15 year-old drug abusers and an 11 year-old run-away, too .. Children!!
All she could do is wonder: “Why do kids cut? Why do they do drugs? And they run away, now??” what scared her most is that they start at the age of 11 and 12!!
Life is tough, yeah, for everyone.
But that doesn’t mean that running away from their homes, cutting or drugs will make it any better for anyone, especially teens that young or older with no experience in life, yet.
“I’ve had a tough teenage period” she thought. “And I ended up in a crappy academy because of that- and because of my stupid choices and decisions. I should have graduated from law school and a pretty good lawyer by now. But it doesn’t matter. Because I believed and I still do. I believe. I believe in tomorrow and in getting another chance in life no matter how hard the doors slam in my face and no matter how mean people treat me; I always know that they would someday realize how good I am and how bad they were.” Going back in her memory she always had been an outcast but she tried as hard as she could not to change and to be noticed for who she was and still is. Now she runs her little management office and one of the "cool kids" who used to bully her in high school and college didn’t make it in the real life that well and is working for her as a secretary. She didn’t even have to change anything, life did that for her. The hot guy the girl used to date is now her husband, but what a husband!! A fat unemployed one, now, that is.
And her friends, from college? They meet every weekend and catch up, even laugh about those days when they were the outsiders of the “popular” community. They always knew that Life is not a popularity contest, life is a challenge. And by focusing on the inside of people and what really mattered in life they all made it and now are happy.
She wrote all of this down on a paper with an extra P.S. that said: “Just hang in there and don’t think about how you look. If people think you are ugly or unworthy, by running, cutting or drugs, you only prove them right. Hold your head up. ‘you were born this way and God makes no mistakes’ And also ‘whenever there is a dark night, remember, there is always a bright day after’ so don’t let anyone or anything make u feel bad about YOU... ever!!”