An Angel's Forbidden Love 6

Raziel was furious & extremely sad; his daughter & the bravest fighter was missing. She was also a talented leader for his army; she proved it in many wars & battles. He sent teams & squads to search the lands but she wasn’t found. The places they didn’t search were human houses and vampire layers. He began to lose hope, few decades later, but the wars were more brutal & more open. Fallens killed anything they could kill & Raziel’s people –and his allies forces- were torn between protecting the innocent & fighting off the enemies.

In Malcolm layer, the vampires were anxious; they had a weak –maybe dying- angel and ruthless fallens killing at sight. Malpas walked in as always as if he owned the place, walked through the foyer to the basement stairs and down to the basement, furious, to the cage where Anapiel is captivated. She was pale all over, pale face, eyes, lips, hair and skin. He opened the cage, stepped inside and stood staring. What was he doing in this cage ? it was like instincts driving him. He knew that she was growing weak and it’s a matter of years till she dies. Why did he care ? why did he always insist on making her feed, rest and talk? He captivated her out of pure curiosity & his curiosity turned into something else he never understood. It was driving him crazy to see her like this, but what could he do? If he set her free .. will she come back? Yes? No? Who knew? The damned warlock who acted as if he owned the world & told him his future was with this girl, this creature, this .. Angel. He told him he would fall in love with her. Was that it ? was he in love with her? She despised him; she told him herself. Well heavens be damned ! he was giving her what he wanted her to have, a life; if she stayed here she will die, and if he wanted her with him she would kill him. He was letting her live by freeing her from her imprisonment & it made him sad, no, very sad to have her away from him but joyful for knowing she will live.
Anapiel was on a make-shift bunk bed & waiting for her not-so-far-away-death when Malpas walked in, opened the cage’s door & stood there staring while many expressions crossed his face. What was that ? pain? Relief? Two very odd expressions, not a fallen could fell them –if they felt- at all. He stepped away from the door & said :’’ you are free to go if you wish.. but.. I’d rather you stayed.. I’ve come fond of your company’’ and with a half crocked smile but some how seemed.. broken ? said ‘’ you can have this castle & the vampires may be at your service .. they only live here cause it’s they’re only shelter’’
She found herself saying ‘’ i know, you told me’’
Now his smile was genuine! And what a charming smile...! she cut her self mid thought. What was she thinking, he captivated her... only. He talked and talked to her begging for a response which she scarcely gave. He said everything thing about his life; about the wife he never wanted & their boring wedding with her high society companions who scaled, priced & scored holes in him with their stares & looks. He told her about his childhood as an angel, how he had no choice ,since his parents fell, when he fell. Bet he fell, and that is a sinful crime because he never came back as an Angel ... oh wait.. he did and he was refused and she felt .. pity for him? Resentful for who pushed him away from salvation? Or was it compassion for his status now? It was a very complicated feeling ... she felt something like it as she grew in her father’s castle with the most handsome military commander .. she loved him .. but he died in war with fire goblins .. it was an accident .. but she didn’t love Malpas, how could she? She just felt for him something other than what she knew.
Malpas saw her staring at him & looking thoughtful so he felt a twinge of happiness. Was she thinking his offer? Will she accept it? To get a response out of her he extended his arm to her to get her to her feet, out of the cage and int the foyer so she could extend her wings & maybe flap them, it must be bothering after all these decades of having them useless.
She looked at his hand -was she trusting him? Why not? She was dying anyway- and took it. He lifted her of the bunk and as her legs gave away he supported her out of the cage then carried her up to the foyer saying what a wonderful time she would spend in her castle & how the vampires are hilarious when they got short tempered.
For the uncountable-time she was thinking : why did he treat her this way? Why did he act as if he trusted her? She couldn’t tell.